Yousef Abdul Latif Jameel Group

About us

Putting humanity at the heart of everything we do

At the YALJ Group Co Ltd, we believe there is another way of doing business. A way that puts the emphasis on ethics and focuses on improving people’s lives for the better. A way that is dedicated to creating a better world for our children and our children’s children too.

Our goal is to improve lives through the promotion, production and proliferation of sustainable life sciences, with a particular focus on three key areas: ethical and organic agriculture, bio-science research, and natural, plant-based medicines. And with our commitment to invest in people, ideas and partnerships, we’ll ensure we make a difference and help create a better world through new technologies and ethical property development.

Our dedication to achieving our goals is based around a timeframe that commits to making a difference both now and in the future. To being recognised the world over as one of the leading global sustainable life sciences businesses, investing in ethical and ecologically friendly research, enterprise and innovative technologies today, so that we may make things better tomorrow.